Some of our recent projects

Open Source Colour Sensor

A neat little project for precise colour measurements using only off-the-shelf components only. The sensor was designed to brave intense sunlight and the great outdoors without flinching. On top of that, it was calibrated against a serious colorimeter to produce accurate results in the L*a*b* colour scale.
The sensor comes with a dedicated Android app, BLE connectivity and WiFI/IoT upgrade option. Designs and schematics to be released soon (and available upon request).

Sensor readout App

This layout is pretty simple.
In our collection, we also have complex layouts with custom typography and colors.
Check out our premium sets.
Most likely we already have the design you are looking for.
Save your time and money.
Gone are the days of hefty instrument controllers.
Sensor connectivity is now available in your pocket.
We worked with Agriculture Victoria to develop a bespoke connectivity app for acquiring data from field sensors.
The app supports conventional Bluetooth, BLE and NFC tag scanning for sample identification.

Nirpy Research

Our new spin-off project, Nirpy Research is an educational space dedicated to Python chemometrics, where we take data science concepts down to the language of spectroscopic science.
As the focus is on education and learning, we always keep the language simple and accessible, suitable for beginners and practitioners alike, and the examples quite cogent for the scientific and technical community.

Canopy spectral sensor

Follow the sun!
This nifty little spectral sensor on a movable platform can map the sunlight levels during the day.
It is currently being used by researchers to understand yield and growth rate of orchards.
The sensors sports an automated exposure adjustment to make the most of every light level.
It’s battery operated and log the data onto a memory card.

X-ray beam expander for synchrotron applications

Now, this is a serious mouthful, but one very exciting project we have been involved in. The project was to design a crystal system that works as a zoom lens for x-rays. After heaps of calculations and a Github repository, we found the optimal design in accordance to the specifications of our research partners. Just to plug that we can do X-ray optics and ray tracing calculations on demand, most suited for synchrotron line designs.

Optical Projection Tomography

We co-developed an Optical Projection Tomography (OPT) instrument for multi-colour fluorescence and transmission tomography. The instrument features a custom-built tomography stage, a choice of three different objective lenses, and a high resolution CCD camera. The control system environment is developed in LabView™ and enables full automatic control of the instrument parameters.
The instrument is installed at the Monash Micro Imaging Facility of Monash University, in collaboration with A/Prof Ian SmythDr. Kieran Short and Dr. Robert Bryson-Richardson.