Luminar 3070 Benchtop Analyzer
Luminar 3070 Benchtop Analyzer
Luminar 7050 AOTF Gas Analyzer
Luminar 7050 AOTF Gas Analyzer

Luminar 3077 Tablet Analyzer

The Luminar 3077 Tablet Analyzer provides AOTF-NIR measurements of pharmaceutical tablets. Totally automated with its belt-driven mechanism.


The Luminar 3077 Tablet Analyzer is able to provide non-contact, non-destructive measurements of chemical and physical properties of tablets used in pharmaceuticals , based on AOTF-NIR technology.

The Luminar 3077 includes a special belt-driven mechanism to create a total automatic solution for tablet manufacturers.

The unit includes a NEMA 4X stainless steel optical module with transmission and reflection detectors; NEMA 4X belt driven orienter; FDA approved conveyor belt; 16,000 wavelengths per second; Ethernet interface; and SNAP32! Brimrose analytical software with Brimrose MACRO Language.

Key Features

  • Special Belt-Driven Mechanism
  • NEMA 4X Belt-Driven Orienter
  • FDA Approved Conveyor Belt
  • Fast scanning speed – 16,000 wavelengths per second
  • No moving parts
  • SNAP32! Brimrose Analytical Software with Brimrose MACRO Language 


  • Pharmaceutical: Tablet transmission and reflection conveyor belt; automated monitoring system
  • Measurements of chemical and physical properties in tablets: I.D. of active (& excipient), moisture, dissolution, disintegration, hardness, density, and dosage levels 

Luminar 3077 Tablet AOTF-NIR Analyzer
Spectral Range Options 850-1700 nm, 900-1800 nm, 1100-2300 nm
Measurement Modes Transmission
Diffuse Reflectance
Spectral Resolution 2-10 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.5 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ± 0.01 nm
Wavelength Increment 1-10 nm (software selectable)
Ambient Light Rejection >106
S/N at 70% Range (closed loop) < 30μabs in reflectance and transmission for <5s integration time
Wavelength Access Time < 66 μsec
Signal Digitization 16-bit A/D (1 part in 65,536)
Linearity Better than 0.15%
Sampling Speed 16,000 wavelength/sec
Process Control 16 A/D Channels, D/A Channels and 16 digital I/O Channels fully
accessed via Macro, Modbus Interface
Sampling Area 5 x 3 mm
Enclosure NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Optical module with transmission and
reflection detectors
Diagnostics 10 Built-in monitoring sensors
Optical Fibre Cables Low OH silica fibre for Near-IR/fluoride fibre for extended Near-IR
Power Requirements 24VDC, 110Watts,
110VAC 60Hz,
220VAC 50Hz
Outputs PC Interface via Ethernet connection
Software Package Windows-based analytical software for data acquisition
Options Input/Output Capability
Wireless Ethernet Interface