Luminar 4030 Free Space analyzer
Luminar 4030 Free Space Analyzer
Luminar 4070 Laboratory Analyzer
Luminar 4070 Laboratory Analyzer

Luminar 4060 Laboratory Analyzer

The Luminar 4060 Laboratory Analyzer is ideal for NIR contact measurements of powders, solids, gels, in diffuse reflectance mode.


The Luminar 4060 Laboratory Analyzer is a new Brimrose spectrometer that offers advantages in size and power consumption. The Luminar 4060 is seen being a good fit for contact measurements in a variety of different applications.

The Luminar 4060 is compatible with our SNAP32 software and features new, Linux-based software with  touchscreen graphic interface, and is capable of stand-alone operation.

The Luminar 4060 analyzer is ideal for contact measurements of chemical and physical properties of powders, solids, gels, etc, in diffuse reflectance mode. The Luminar 4060 comes with a variety of options and can be fitted with several different accessories.

Key Features

  • Small Size, Low-Power Consumption
  • No Moving Parts
  • Economic Price Tag
  • USB Capable
  • Fast Scanning Speed of 16,000 Wavelengths per Second
  • New Linux-based Software with a Graphic Touchscreen Interface and Stand-alone Operation
  • Measuring Contact Powders, Solids, Gels, etc, in Diffuse Reflectance Mode


  • Pharmaceutical: 100% inspection of solids, gels, liquids and powders
  • Agricultural/Food: Food analysis for fat, protein, moisture, starch, etc.
  • Polymer: In-site measurement of pellets, films and coatings
  • Textile: Cotton/polyester ratio accurately by the web
  • Pulp and paper: In-line thickness and coating analysis 

Luminar 4060 Miniature Laboratory AOTF-NIR Analyzer
Spectral Range Options 1100-2300 nm
Measurement Modes Diffuse Reflection
Spectral Resolution 2-10 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.5 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ± 0.01 nm over more than 5 years service
Wavelength Increment 1-10 nm (software selectable)
Ambient Light Rejection >106
Vibration Immunity Blenders, Production machinery
Conveyor belts
S/N at 70% Range < 30 µabs in reflectance and transmission, for <5 sec integration time
Wavelength Access Time < 66 µsec
Photometric Range 3.5 AU
Linearity Better than 0.15%
Signal Digitization 16-bit A/D (1 part in 65,536)
Sampling Speed 16,000 wavelength/sec (30 scans/sec)
Sampling Area Ø 6 mm
Sampling Distance 60 mm
Diagnostics 10 Built-in monitoring sensors
Power Requirements 12VDC, (24VDC special order), 90Watts,
110VAC 60Hz,
220VAC 50Hz
Outputs PC interface via Ethernet.
Other options available upon request.
Software Package Windows-based analytical software for data acquisition
Options Battery Operation

Wireless Communication

Gravity Switch

GPS Capability