Luminar 5030 Miniature Handheld NIR analyzer
Luminar 4020 Thin Film Analyzer
Luminar 4020 Thin Film Analyzer

Luminar 6000 Laboratory Miniature Analyzer


The Brimrose solid-state Luminar 6000 Miniature Laboratory AOTF-NIR Analyzer represents a recently introduced platform for conducting non-destructive and contact or non-contact analytical testing.

The Luminar 6000 is an excellent tool for lab measurements of chemical and physical properties. It has full capability to measure with different types of probes, cuvettes and flow cells.

This spectrometer can deliver rapid, multi-component analysis for a wide variety of applications that include diffuse reflective measurements of powders, pellets, liquids and solid products. Models created using the Luminar 6000 can easily be transferred to a real-time, in-line system.

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Key Features

  • Dual Beam, Pre-aligned Lamp Assembly, InGaAs Detectors
  • No Moving Parts
  • Fast Scanning Speed – 16,000 Wavelengths per Second
  • Miniature Integrated Enclosure
  • SNAP32! Brimrose Analytical Software with Brimrose MACRO Language
  • Laboratory Measurements of Chemical and Physical Properties: powders, polymer pellets/resins, liquids
  • Fruit and Grain
  • Raw Material ID
  • Petrochemical: Determination of aromatics, cetane index, density, and viscosity in petroleum product
  • Paper and Textile Goods