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Instruments & Data Tools was founded in 2016 to provide end-to-end instrumentation and software prototyping service to research institutions, tech companies and start-ups.

Today, we are enabling our customers in the scientific and technological world to manage, analyse and leverage their imaging data to inform scientific discoveries and technological processes.

 We take pride in creating customised and high-performance analytics solutions for imaging and spectroscopy, where our combined expertise in digital image processing and  machine learning can boost projects in both industry and academia.

Extracting useful information from data (especially today’s ‘big’ data) is key to adding tangible value to any of our customers, whether it’s universities, industries or even institutional and private research laboratories.

By exploring the first principles of any project, and identifying the right mix of mature and emerging technology options, we provide fast-track solutions towards any early-stage technology project requiring imaging, image analysis or spectroscopy. We understand the science underpinning these applications and work with our clients to the first essential steps of translating research into marketable technology. We offer customised solutions for instrument prototyping, coordinating all steps, from software to electronics, through to mechanical design and 3D printing.

We also offer specific independent consulting services that support our clients’ in-house development activities.

The way we work​

DrDanielPellicciaI am a physicist, data scientist and entrepreneur. I started my career in quantum optics, to move towards x-ray optics and synchrotron imaging science. I have been working in fields related to x-ray imaging for about a decade in Germany first, then in Australia. For a list of my research papers, take a look at my Google Scholar.

Since 2016 I have decided to pursue consulting and R&D activity as an entrepreneur. With Instruments & Data Tools, I work at the interface of sensors and mobile data acquisitions, with occasional excursions into optical development.

After learning more about the use of deep learning and seeing the large success of novel neural network architectures like convolutional neural networks in fields like image analysis and classification I became interested in exploring applications in chemometrics and analysis of imaging and spectroscopic data.

Our key focus is always translating research into usable technology, which makes it essential to have scientists and technologists within a project team, to appreciate the impact of the underpinning science on the product design decisions.

Our approach to science is supported by focused research, theoretical analysis and physical testing. We provide innovative, bespoke solutions to highly complex challenges. Our deep expertise in imaging (especially x-ray imaging) and spectroscopy allows us to rapidly assess the merits and feasibility of an idea, providing you with the evidence and confidence you need to move forwards.

We form open, honest relationships with our clients and suppliers. This helps us overcome any challenges that inevitably happen in highly innovative projects and deal with them effectively.

Let’s work together on your next project​