X-ray imaging technology development​


At Instruments & Data Tools we develop novel imaging technologies and create solutions to expand the capabilities of existing imaging systems.

We have a deep knowledge in x-ray optics, image formation theory and phase-contrast x-ray imaging to help you with your projects.

We are happy to assist you in choosing your next optical technology, including x-ray sources, primary optics and detectors, as well as to design and assemble the device that suits your needs.

Through in-depth conversations, we aim at capturing your idea and vision to be able to use our expertise to bring that idea to fruition in the most efficient, cost-effective and innovative way possible.

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Our capabilities

  • We develop and prototype novel methods to improve on the speed, resolution, sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, or any other relevant feature of existing x-ray imaging systems
  • Imaging system design and simulation; Versatile imaging systems require design thinking in order to maintain high performance while allowing flexibility in scope. We can simulate the main components of an imaging system as a first step towards the design, development, implementation, testing and application of the systems
  • Integration of hardware and bespoke software
  • Assistance in writing project proposals for grant application to external imaging facilities

Our process


Contact us to discuss your requirements and identify potential development projects.


We will work with you on a draft proposal (or a set of solutions for your perusal), perform a feasibility analysis, and finalise a quote.


After deciding the project scope, we get to work to design, document and prototype the chosen solution. The concept will be thoroughly tested either in-house or at the customer’s site.


Delivery of the project happens once the project scopes are met at your satisfaction.

Recent case study


Optical Projection Tomography​

We recently developed and installed an OPT system at Monash Micro Imaging (Monash University) as a result of a combined effort of Instruments & Data Tools, Dr. Kieran Short, Dr Robert Bryson-Richardson and A/Prof Ian Smyth. The system was designed to be shared amongst users of the facility. For this reason we designed it to have an optimal balance between advanced functionalities and user-friendliness.

Contact us to discuss a potential project or simply for more information.