Sensor readout App


Sensors, and by extension IoT networks and edge computing, are forecast to be one of the primary modes of realising the full potential of precision agriculture, in addition to agricultural science. In general, sensors host a heterogeneous array of functions. They can detect a large number of field indicators, from changes in temperature and humidity to the amount of rainfall and soil composition in a paddock.

Our core competence is the interaction between sensors and mobile devices to leverage portability of the new generation of sensors for field applications. In collaboration with Agriculture Victoria we developed a bespoke connectivity app for acquiring data from field sensors.

Our sensor readout application is the absolute all-in-one data-logging tool. The app is developed to interface with selected BLE devices, but it is designed to be scalable to support future devices as well.  It is also scalable to support a large number of BLE devices at once. It is currently developed for iOS  devices, providing a datalogger with a clean and simple interface. The application lets you manually record data points under a series of labels. Labels are user-defined series of numbers or physical locations identified by NFC tags. If NFC tags are used, this application enables the reading of the tag content, for instance tag number and description, and record this information against the data points you collect. Recorded data can be uploaded in AirDrop or shared across devices.

The basic version of the app, supporting manual data logging and BLE keyboard or BLE caliper is available for download on the Apple Store :

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