X-ray beam expander for synchrotron applications

Parallel and wide x-ray beams are required for several applications: wide–aperture x-ray optics, diffractive lenses, medical imaging, and x-ray tomography to name a few. As of today, broad and quasi–parallel beams can be obtained using distant, powerful, and isotropic sources. However, large x-ray facilities operating in high vacuum are required to efficiently test the entire (or a significant fraction of) of x-ray focusing modules of large x-ray optics. This can pose a challenge for x-ay tests of optical assemblies.

The project was to design a crystal system that works as a zoom lens for x-rays. After heaps of calculations and a Github repository, we found the optimal design in accordance with the specifications of our research partners. Just to plug that we can do x-ray optics and ray tracing calculations on demand, most suited for synchrotron line designs.

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