Data logger for a PAR light sensor

PAR Sensor 2

Dr Mark O’Connell of Agriculture Victoria is collecting data in the field with the light bar. Our custom logger is in the white box mounted just below the handle. The data are automatically read out with our custom IDT Data Logger iOS app.

Accurate information about tree canopy architecture and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) absorption is useful to estimate potential yield that aim to quantify the impact of various treatments and management practices.

Ceptometry is a technique used to measure the transmittance of PAR through a plant canopy using a sensor connected in parallel on a long bar- a PAR meter- also known as a “quantum sensor”.

We custom-designed and built a high-accuracy amplifier and data logger for an existing PAR sensor, designed to detect light intensity along a line at the base of trees. The data can be automatically read out with our custom IDT Data Logger iOS app. The app allows manually record data points under a series of labelled physical locations identified by NFC tags, or manually selected. If NFC tags are used, this application enables the reading of the tag content, for instance tag number and description, and record this information against the data points you collect. Recorded data can be uploaded in AirDrop or shared across devices.

The basic version of the app, supporting manual datalogging and BLE keyboard is available for download on the Apple Store:

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